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“Behind the perfection of a man’s style, must lie the passion of a man’s soul.” Oscar Wilde

Kissed by BO Style Lounge is a platform that caters to women honing in on their style, in association with your confidence.  You cant truly be stylish, without being confident.  The focus is who you are as a woman, including your personality, temperament, and character, all of which bring out your most authentic style. Not only do I help with your style, whether it's finding your true style or figuring out how to curate a clothing ensemble, I will also be challenging your thinking when it comes to your style. Challenging your thinking about you. Here are a few questions that we will work together to answer: 


  • What is style?

  • What is my style?

  • How can I find my style?

  • What makes style even a thing? 


I am here to guide you to find the answers to these questions that lie within. I will help you find the solutions through style challenges, confidence challenges, thought-provoking masterclasses, and lively interactive style parties.  While bringing along some dope local unrecognized designers, and brands along for the ride, to provide you that exclusive experience. Ultimately the goal is to show you that your style is your personality. In doing so, I will help you present a personally polished look on the outside and confidence to match on the inside. 

The Style Lounge Subscription consists of:
  • Weekly confidence and style motivational videos
  • Weekly lookbooks with purchasable links ranging from $50 to $350
  • Spotlight edition:
    • Weekly Style Spotlight- showcasing members on point style
    • Weekly Brand Spotlight- showcasing a brand or item that is trendy or very different
  • Style challenges
  • Confidence Challenges ​
  • Bi-weekly Virtual Style Master class
  • Monthly Virtual Style Parties, with freebies, brand reviews, and more
  • Exclusive membership perks-
    • discounts to the partnering boutiques, discounts to kissed by BO services and kissed by Boutique products,  
  • First look at new arrivals from partnering boutiques and more. 
  • And so much more
All wrapped up in a bow that spells out confidence.

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